From the beginning, Sharp has been driven by originality.
We originate technologies that enhance lifestyles,
Inspire innovations that support individual expression,
And create products that let you be you.
There is only one Sharp.
There is only one you.

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Products from the movie representing "Be Original."

  • HEALSIO Water Grill
    HEALSIO Water Grill Just as Healsio, SHARP's Superheated Steam Oven, balances health and flavor, the Healsio water grill also uses superheated steam to restore food to its fresh-out-of-the-oven flavor. It is compact and capable of reducing cooking time to heat and prepare fried and grilled foods making it a dedicated water oven for daily use.
    AQUOS 4K NEXT AQUOS made SHARP a pioneer in Full HD LCD TVs.
    Today, we are looking Beyond 4K Experience—looking to true scenery, not just a picture on a TV screen.
    "AQUOS 4K NEXT" has a great advantage, that is to say next-generation technologies for reproducing stunning details, all possible shades of light, and gorgeous natural colors in images that are indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • RoBoHoN
    RoBoHoN The mobile robot phone, RoBoHoN, is compact and super portable. Enjoy communicating with the world's first biped walking humanoid robot.
  • Stick-type Vacuum Cleaner "FREED"
    Stick-type Vacuum Cleaner "FREED" Since 2000, when SHARP led the world in the development of cyclone vacuum cleaners, we have been pursuing greater performance in suction power, lightness, and cleanliness as the pioneer in cyclone vacuums. Those ideas and technology are incorporated into the Stick-type vacuum cleaner "FREED."
  • Drum-type Washing Machine
    Drum-type Washing Machine SHARP has been working on the increased widespread use of drum-type washing machines in Japan market since the early days. In addition to our proprietary Plasmacluster technology, our latest model is equipped with a "Home Cleaning course" to reduce wear and tear on clothing while removing dirt and grime.
  • PLASMACLUSTER Air Purifier "S-Style"
    PLASMACLUSTER Air Purifier "S-Style" The "S-Style" series is a new group of products created under the concept of "the shape of high quality air" with the elements of air purifier and humidifier and those effects made apparent in its simple and smart design.
  • Superheated Steam Oven HEALSIO
    Superheated Steam Oven HEALSIO SHARP's innovative AX-HC1 Superheated Steam Oven used a newly developed superheated steam generator to "roast" foods with water. By spraying food with superheated steam at a temperature of 300℃, the oven delivers approximately eight times more heat content than convection ovens. This cooks food such as meat and fried foods while dramatically reducing excessive fat and salt.
    This product has earned a splendid reputation and support from countless consumers looking for a healthy way to cook.
    BLACKSOLAR Panel SHARP's solar panels boast more than half a century of reliability and performance. Our proprietary BLACKSOLAR Panels increase the amount of light received, reducing losses in power transmission and generation. Our high efficiency technology is concentrated to "generate lots of power."
  • AQUOS Phone
    AQUOS Phone SHARP's 905SH AQUOS Phone was compatible with mobile terrestrial digital broadcasts. The phone featured 90-degree rotating screen, an industry first for watching television in widescreen horizontal view. Another industry first was the ability to talk on the phone and e-mail while watching television. With the April 2006 start of mobile broadcasts ushering in an era of on-the-go TV and image viewing, the 905SH became an instant hit by putting the beautiful reception of SHARP's renowned AQUOS LCD TV technology into people's hands wherever they went.
  • LCD ViewCam
    LCD ViewCam SHARP created a sensation with the introduction of the VL-HL1 LCD ViewCam, a video camera that replaced the conventional viewfinder with an LCD that users could watch while taking video. With never-before-seen features that included giving users the ability to enjoy their video on the spot and reverse the monitor in order to film themselves, the LCD ViewCam was a huge success.
  • Zaurus Personal Information Tool
    Zaurus Personal Information Tool The PI-3000 (nicknamed the Zaurus) was a new type of personal information tool that combined all the necessary business features into one. Subsequent models continued to be evolved by incorporating features likes fax transmission, PC connection, and Internet access, in the process creating a whole new market and becoming one of SHARP's flagship products.
  • AQUOS LCD Color TV
    AQUOS LCD Color TV On January 1st 2001, SHARP released the LC-20C1/15C1/13C1 AQUOS LCD color TV, the ideal TV for the household of the 21st century. The first AQUOS boasted the industry's highest brightness of 450 cd/m2 and a look created by renowned industrial designer Toshiyuki Kita to add elegance to the home.
  • Radio‐cassette Recorder "The Searcher W"
    Radio‐cassette Recorder "The Searcher W" SHARP developed the world's first radio cassette recorder equipped with a double radio cassette deck. This made it possible to easily dub from one cassette tape to another. The cueing function, also the first in the world, made it possible to search for the start of a song and gave the product its name, "The Searcher."
  • Dual-Swing Door Refrigerator
    Dual-Swing Door Refrigerator SHARP developers took inspiration from a broach pin to develop the SJ-38WB/32WB, a refrigerator that opens from either the right or left. Users loved how the product could be placed in any corners of the kitchen and opened without revealing the contents to guests.
  • Personal Computer <X68000>
    Personal Computer <X68000> In addition to advanced graphics and powerful AV features, the distinct twin tower design received considerable attention. It was developed as a personal computer capable of high performance in contrast to the dedicated gaming PCs that were mainstream at the time.
  • World's First All-Transistor-Diode Electronic Desktop Calculator
    World's First All-Transistor-Diode Electronic Desktop Calculator The CS-10A was the world's first electronic desktop calculator using all-transistor diodes. It was sold for 535,000 yen, about the same price as a 1,300 cc car at the time. Four years earlier, in 1960, upon urging from young engineers at SHARP, the company had embarked on research into areas including computers and semiconductors. With the release in 1964 of the CS-10A, SHARP achieved its long-held goal of downsizing computers into a compact calculator that could be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • World's First LCD Calculator
    World's First LCD Calculator Thanks to the tireless efforts of SHARP's engineers, the company achieved the first practical application of LCDs. The EL-805 COS-type pocket calculator introduced in 1973 was the first product on the market to use LCDs. In December 2005, the EL-805 was one of the calculators recognized with a prestigious IEEE Milestone from the IEEE.
  • World's First Electronic Copy Machine
    World's First Electronic Copy Machine SHARP launched the world's first LSI-embedded copy machine. The LSI chip made it possible to shrink the control board to fit onto a single printed circuit board, and it also served to improve reliability, reduce the overall size of the copier, and lower costs.
  • Japan's First TV Set
    Japan's First TV Set The age of television in Japan began in 1953 when SHARP became the first Japanese company to mass produce TV sets. With the goal of putting a TV set in every household, SHARP took the industry lead in bringing down costs so that this new appliance could be affordable to as many people as possible.
  • Water Cooled Air Conditioner
    Water Cooled Air Conditioner The company's first such product was based on an original concept. Because it used underground water, which remains at a nearly constant temperature year-round, it offered better performance as the room temperature increased. This product gained great popularity.
  • Japan's First Mass Produced Microwave Oven
    Japan's First Mass Produced Microwave Oven SHARP developed the R-10, Japan's first microwave oven in 1961. The following year, SHARP became the first company to mass produce microwave ovens. It was generally believed that it would take some time for the general public to get used to the idea of cooking without a flame. SHARP was confident that someday microwave ovens would be a staple appliance in homes, but in the meantime the company worked at creating a customer base by selling commercial-use microwave ovens.
  • Japan's First Crystal Radio
    Japan's First Crystal Radio Following the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, The founder Tokuji Hayakawa restarted business in Osaka, where he saw a future in the field of radio. In April 1925, he and his associates made history as they succeeded in assembling Japan's very first crystal radio.
  • Sharp Dyne AC Vacuum-Tube Radio
    Sharp Dyne AC Vacuum-Tube Radio Radio technology advanced-from a crystal radio that only one person could listen to at a time via headphones to a vacuum-tube radio with a speaker that let everyone listen together. SHARP used the vacuum tube-design to develop a number of models with differing numbers of tubes and diverse styling. With its reliable reception under a variety of conditions, clear audio output, and high sound quality, the Sharp Dyne vacuum-tube radio satisfied a wide range of needs.
  • Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil(Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil)
    Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil(Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil) Tokuji Hayakawa, the founder, invented a unique thrusting device for a pencil's lead and inserted it into an attractive and sturdy metallic shaft. He called this product the Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil. Tokuji improved the product by developing an ultra-thin lead, and he named this newer version the Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil. It became known simply as the Sharp Pencil, and the name lives on in our company name today.